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Digital Transformation in Humanities

  • Grant Agreement number KA203-176BDFA9

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26 months

November 2019 to January 2022

The challenge

Recent years have generated extensive developments in digital humanities that needed to be addressed in higher education. The project will investigate on the main challenges faced by teachers in humanities field, find out the most useful and practical tools available and adaptable to different subjects and provide the right training contents and tools to help teachers develop their teaching strategy adopting ICT tools.

The solution

The project aims to develop a set of tools and guidelines addressed to higher education educators in the field of humanities with the goal to improve their ICT skills for increasing teaching and research performance, consequently the attainment of their students and motivation. Ultimately the project seeks to renovate the classic ways of teaching humanities subjects which are the least likely to be affected by the digital transformation, yet are those that can benefit the most, bringing our cultural heritage to a stake of European economy in different field.

To improve teachers’ ICT skills and competences

To provide user friendly and adaptable tools to teachers to improve their teaching performances

To improve students’ motivation and engagement

Outcomes: Key results

  • IO1 Handbook
  • IO2 Co-creation of the human training strategy
  • IO3 Knowledge sharing platform

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