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PoDIUM H2020

PDI connectivity and cooperation enablers building trust and sustainability for CCAM

  • Grant Agreement number 101069547

0 M+

36 months

October 2022 to 30 October 2025

The challenge

The challenge of the PoDIUM project is to define and address the requirements for connectivity, cooperation, and advanced technologies in CCAM use cases through real-life demonstrations and validation. By enhancing the infrastructure and data management environment, the project aims to enable seamless data exchange, real-time analytics, and new business opportunities while considering the integration of VRUs and adhering to a flexible reference architecture.

The solution

PoDIUM aims to advance a set of key technologies both in the physical and digital part of the infrastructure to address the challenges in road automation and telecommunications linked with connectivity, cooperation, data management, interoperability and reliability in order to foster the development of advanced Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) solutions.

Define a rich set of demanding CCAM UCs to identify and assess connectivity and cooperation enablers and needs

Specify for each PoDIUM UC detailed requirements and technical performance metrics for availability and performance of connectivity and cooperation

Define methods to ensure the quality and trust of the integrated external data

Advance key innovative technologies both in the physical digital part of the infrastructure

Define a flexible platform architecture following a “multi-connectivity approach”

Create new business models and market services

Test, evaluate and demonstrate advanced CCAM UCs in well-equipped LLs to examine feasibility and sustainability concepts in real traffic conditions

Promote the project developments to standardisation bodies and policy makers

Increase road safety mainly for VRUs and reduce automotive carbon footprint

Outcomes: Key results

  • D7.7 Exploitation plan – Version I
  • D7.8 Exploitation plan – Version II
  • D7.11 Exploitation report

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