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3-CO Horizon Europe

Concise Consumer Communication through Robust Labels for Bio-based Systems

  • Grant Agreement number 101086086

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36 months

February 2023 to February 2026

The challenge

Existing Labels and Certification Schemes (LCS) mostly use indicators and criteria that have been developed for traditional feedstocks (e.g. wood) and their applications. LCS development for novel BBPs has been hampered by their limited market volume.
In comparison to conventional materials, value chains of bio-based materials are often long due to numerous intermediate processing steps. Consequently, more effort is required to monitor the entire supply chain and obtain transparency. EU regulations often do not apply to value chains that originate from outside the EU.

The solution

The project aims to improve the sustainability performance and competitiveness in the bio-based systems. The focus is on consumer-oriented labelling options for industrial BBPs that are sustainable and circular, in terms of resources, processes and materials used in their entire lifecycle. The supportive framework will consist of actionable guidelines for LCS owners that reflect consumers’ and other stakeholders’ needs, digital solutions to support better-informed decision-making processes of consumers as well as policy recommendations on deploying social measures.

To evaluate and select LCSs in 10 industrial bio-based value chains

To assess the monitoring systems and indicators for LCS

To define affordability and economics of LCS

To evaluate the effectiveness and robustness of existing LCS

To create and evaluate consumer-based digital solutions to LCS

To provide recommendations on social measures to support better-informed decision making processes, social engagement and innovation

To promote synergies and seek complementarities with related actions

To develop and validate guidelines on the design of B2C labels for BBPs

Outcomes: Key results

  • T2.4 Designing and developing smart solutions to support sustainable decision-making 
  • T5.5 Exploitation of results

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