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FeAsiBility analysis and development of on-Road chargIng solutions for future electric vehiCles

  • Grant Agreement number 605405

0 M+

54 months

January 2014 to July 2018

The challenge

Wide-scale adoption of pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) requires advanced charging solutions which provide a user experience similar to today’s cars, particularly in terms of range. In the long term, electric vehicles might be able to collect energy from the road, be it in a conductive or contactless fashion. Compared to the current paradigm of larger installed storage capacity or fast charge or switchable batteries, advanced charging solutions might improve driving range and battery lifetime of the full electric vehicle (FEV) as well as its energy efficiency and price, given the need for a smaller battery.”

The solution

FABRIC responds to the need to assess the potential and feasibility of a more extensive integration of electric vehicles in the mobility and transportation system, focusing primarily on dynamic wireless charging which would allow practically all of the drawbacks of on-board battery packs to be avoided. Specifically, by engaging a highly-qualified, expert and comprehensive group of key stakeholders within its consortium, FABRIC will determine and assess the end-user requirements that will determine the potential of success in various application sectors, the technology drivers and challenges that impact the widespread implementation of wireless charging technology, and the technology gaps to be bridged in order to provide rational and cost-effective solutions for the grid and road infrastructures.

Addressing key wireless charging technologies, trends, and research and development in the automotive sector

Providing insights into the present and future opportunities for wireless charging, considering various factors influencing technology adoption by EV makers and end-users

Conducting an analysis of key applications of wireless charging for the automotive sector

Evaluating the probability of success in each sector of application

Comparing wireless charging systems to plug-in charging solutions to substantiate or negate claims made by developers regarding their advantages for EVs

Outcomes: Key results

  • D42.1 Assessment of the technical feasibility of ICT and charging solutions

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