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Smart Modular Passive Cool Boxes for Sustainable Logistics

  • Grant Agreement number 827231

14 K+

20 months

September 2018 to March 2019

The challenge

Cold chain plays a vital role across the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, ensuring that temperature-sensitive drugs, chemicals, blood plasma, tissue samples and diagnostic products remain stable during distribution and reach their destination undamaged. The EU-funded SmartCOOLBOX project is supporting Spain-based company INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES OUTSOURCING SERVICES SL in developing a logistics solution that simplifies transport management of goods that require a controlled temperature environment. The technology, which is offered as a service, relies on an intelligent, connected, reusable and modular isothermal container that reduces losses due to temperature excursions. 

The solution

SmartCOOLBOX is a logistics solution for highly reliable temperature-controlled goods, based on an intelligent, connected, reusable and modular isothermal container. It reduces losses due to temperature excursions and allows savings through modular reusable boxes and less wasted products. With the SmartCOOLBOX innovation, pharma and biotech companies will be able to transport their temperature-sensitive goods in difficult-to-access areas.

Guarantee perfect delivery and traceability of the transported products

Enables us to transport materials at different ranges of temperature

Transport all kind of volume and to all kind of destinations

Control temperature of the product at any time

Outcomes: Key results

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