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Partner Scan

Collaboration is crucial for success in the research and innovation ecosystem. Our Partner Scan service helps you identify optimal collaborators including, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and research centres. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure compatibility, expertise, and alignment with your research objectives. By fostering strategic partnerships, we help your project  leverage collective strengths, resources, and accelerate the pace of innovation.

Our Methodology

Research Objective Alignment

We work closely with your organization to understand your research objectives and collaboration needs. This enables us to identify the most suitable partners who align with your goals.

Comprehensive Partner Search

Using a combination of databases, industry networks, and research centers, we conduct a comprehensive search to identify potential collaborators. We focus on various stakeholders such as suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and research centers.

Compatibility Assessment

We perform a thorough assessment of potential partners to ensure compatibility. This includes evaluating their expertise, capabilities, track record, and resources. We assess their alignment with your research objectives to ensure a synergistic collaboration.

Expertise Evaluation

We analyse the expertise and competencies of potential partners to identify areas of overlap and complementarity. This evaluation helps determine the potential for knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and mutual growth.

Partnership Facilitation

Once compatible partners are identified, we facilitate the connection and provide support in initiating and establishing collaboration. This may involve arranging meetings, facilitating introductions, and assisting in the negotiation of collaboration agreements.

Value Creation

We focus on fostering strategic partnerships that create value for all parties involved. By leveraging collective strengths, resources, and expertise, we aim to accelerate the pace of innovation, enhance research outcomes, and maximize the impact of collaborative projects.

Ongoing Support

Our services extend beyond the initial partner identification and facilitation. We offer ongoing support in managing and nurturing the collaborative relationships, ensuring effective communication, and addressing any challenges that may arise.

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Partner Scan

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