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Galileo/GNSS-Based Autonomous Mobile Mapping System

  • Grant Agreement number 101004255

0 M+

30 months

July 2021 to December 2023

The challenge

The future of mapping is robotic mapping, where robotics, cartography and navigation/geodesy meet. In the long term, we envision fleets of low-cost, autonomous, electrically-powered, mobile mapping systems (MMS) collecting geodata in a massive, continuous yet inconspicuous way to produce HD maps. We also envision AI as a core component of HD map processing engine to deal with huge loads of geo-data, collected daily/weekly and worldwide. In other words, robots mapping for robots.

The solution

GAMMS is a Horizon2020 project enabling the exploitation of space data for surveying and mapping. Our objective is to develop an autonomous terrestrial mobile mapping system (AMMS), based on the tight integration of autonomous vehicle (AV), navigation/geodetic, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. More specifically, we are developing:

  • a mapping robot for geodata acquisition
  • an AI-based highly automated mapping software to produce HD maps from the MMS remote sensing data.

The overall objective of GAMMS is to develop an autonomous terrestrial mobile mapping system (AMMS), based on the tight integration of:

Autonomous vehicles (AVs)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies

More specifically, we aim at developing an advanced prototype (TRL 6 to 7) of an autonomous terrestrial mobile mapping system –a mapping robot– based on an already existing Level of Automation 4 (LoA-41) AV for cm-level accurate and certifiable mapping to serve the needs of High Definition (HD) maps for autonomous vehicles.

Outcomes: Key results

Our result is the production of high-definition, multi-purpose and accurate maps in a much faster and cheaper way than today.

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