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Providing Lean Secure and Reliable Logistic Connectivity and MRM for SMES

  • Grant Agreement number 816670

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May 2018 to

The challenge

The logistics sector has greatly profited from innovation: transport has become safer and goods move more efficiently, faster
and all at a lower cost. Whilst the increasing adoption of big data and digitization of the sector were initially thought to
represent and opportunity for smaller players, they have largely been left out.
Small forwarders, carriers and other logistic SMEs are in need of affordable, reliable and trusted data interchange solutions
to take part in international trade and commerce flows.
At ENIDE we aim to enable freight SMEs to collaborate with advanced platforms by providing them with solutions that will
remove technological barriers and facilitating the establishment of partnerships with existing large logistic platforms.

The solution

LogiCon is a pragmatic and neutral solution for secure, reliable and confidential automatic data exchange in transport
including SMEs and freelances.
LogiCon delivers connectivity as well as web and mobile applications for information exchange and management in the
transportation chain among collaborating companies, enabling SMEs to participate in complex supply chains and allows interaction with most types of legacy systems using by well know communication and information sharing standards. The LogiCon tools enable medium and large transport & logistics companies to engage with SMEs and self-employed professionals. 

Technological Feasibility Study

Market Assessment

Pricing Model Assessment

Risk Assessment

IP Assessment

Outcomes: Key results

  • Feasibility report, including a Business Plan (M4)

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